Colors on the Brain ready for download

What is Colors on the Brain?


• Left brain matching word to color.
• Right brain matching color to color.

• Training mode is a slower paced mode focused on brain training. This mode includes left and right, as well as normal and hard difficulties. Start slow with the normal difficulties consisting of four words and colors, and then take on hard and introduce even more words and colors!
• Frenzy mode is a fast-paced mode for those who have had enough of training! This mode maintains the left and right, as well as normal and hard difficulties from training mode, but takes the gameplay up a notch by dropping multiple words at varying speeds. Scoring words will knock dissimilar words back into the air, but be ready when they come back down!


Colors on the Brain Update 8/22

Colors on the Brain update

We are in the final stages of Colors on the Brain and are focused on cleaning things up for release in the Google Play store. Once we submit, we will be working on a few small changes for release in the iOS store. The main focus will just be the in-app purchase and GameCenter. Last week Daniel made a pretty big change to the game. […]

Android Beta Testers Needed

Hello Everyone, We are looking for beta testers to help us out with our new mobile game, Colors on the Brain. Colors on the Brain is a challenging and fun brain training game that is developed to help you with your reaction time. If you would like to be a beta tester on the game please email us at  Read more about Android Beta Testers Needed[…]

Battlestar Galactica Invaders

Good news everyone, we have added a new game to the website for everyone to enjoy. This new game I’m talking about is a space invader game with a Battlestar Galactica theme. Nothing like bringing some old school favorites back to life with a new twist. So come check out the game and see what Read more about Battlestar Galactica Invaders[…]

Orb Racer an Exciting Puzzle Game

Great news everyone, we have uploaded a new game to the website.  Orb Racer is an exciting puzzle game that challenges your speed, precision,  and wits as you try to collect the stars throughout the course.  Use the portals to quickly warp around the track, but be careful not to fall off the edges.   Read more about Orb Racer an Exciting Puzzle Game[…]