Another mini game from Frontier…Hunting!!

We have finished the first stages of our hunting mini game which is part of our game Frontier. We have posted the Frontier mini game to the games page. Give it a play and leave us some feedback on what the game is missing, or what you would like to see in the game. The Read more about Another mini game from Frontier…Hunting!![…]

Update on Fishing Mini Game

Hello everyone!  We have a few updates to our fishing mini game we would like you all to check out.  We would really appreciate it if we could get everyone back for a few more plays and wrap up this testing cycle. Click this link to play the game.  We would like to thank everyone Read more about Update on Fishing Mini Game[…]

Bad news…we lost all of our blog posts from April on.

When we switched over to our url we seemed to have had a problem and lost all of our blog posts from April of 2012 until now. We will post a few updates in the next couple days to get everyone back up to speed. One thing we have done is change our logo. Let Read more about Bad news…we lost all of our blog posts from April on.[…]

DIGGames needs your help testing!

We have some exciting news here at Diggames. We have finished the initial stages of our fishing mini-game, which is part of Frontier, the game we are currently working on. Now is when you, the fans, can have some input in the game. We need testers for this mini-game and could use your feedback to Read more about DIGGames needs your help testing![…]

DIGGames Presents Frontier

“Frontier” a web game with possibilities for more… Overview: The Oregon Trail was a great game that showed players all over the world how groups of people made it out to the West. What the Oregon trail does not show us however, is what happened when those settlers made it to their destinations. We know Read more about DIGGames Presents Frontier[…]

Play Run Spider Run!

Run Spider Run is the latest game we have posted to our games page. It took me a little bit to get everything put together for this game. I thought I was going to be done sooner than now but it is what it is and the game is now live. Go to the games page to Read more about Play Run Spider Run![…]

DIGGames Wants You… Beta Test!

Fish Drop is nearing completion and we are looking for a handful of volunteers to help us beta test.  If you are interested send us a message on Facebook at  Within the next few days we will then send you a link, as well as some other details concerning the beta test.  Thank you Read more about DIGGames Wants You… Beta Test![…]