Colors on the Brain update 10/6

Progress on Colors

Our mobile game Colors on the Brain is developed off the Stroop Effect, is getting very close for release in the Google Play store. We are aiming for this to be within the next couple weeks and then iOS store will be next.

New changes that happened.

To give you all an update, we just completed a big addition to our game. Yes, we added a whole new game mode! We know that this is a pretty big feature to add so late in development but we feel this really needed an addition like this. The new mode is called Frenzy mode. The additional levels added are both right and left brain. The addition of Frenzy mode has definitely added more of a game feel to the app. It was the thing that the other game modes were lacking. The regular mode is designed to be a brain training exercise, allowing you to start out slow and build speed. Finally, we now have the training modes and the challenging game modes, and this equals fun for all players.

What is Frenzy mode?
In Frenzy mode the colored word is still falling down the screen. The difference is instead of just one word falling at a time, there are multiple words falling. The words are also falling at different speeds forcing you to judge the speed of the words as well as select the correct color. If two words hit the color object close to the same time, the second word will bounce back up away from the color object and then fall back towards the object a second time. This will force you to be constantly ready to pick the next color. Below are a couple images from the app. The first is of Frenzy mode with multiple words falling down. The second is the new level select screen with the different modes and levels.


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