Colors on the Brain Update 8/22

Colors on the Brain update

We are in the final stages of Colors on the Brain and are focused on cleaning things up for release in the Google Play store. Once we submit, we will be working on a few small changes for release in the iOS store. The main focus will just be the in-app purchase and GameCenter. Last week Daniel made a pretty big change to the game. Now the falling words are programmatic text, instead of art. This means we will need to do another round of testing but it will allow us to localize, which was the main reason for the change. We know being localized will help in trying to get featured in the app stores.

New website image design

This weekend I put together a scene in Unity to allow me to get a couple cool images. It is a small office with two guys working. I even did some texture work on the two guys and made them different from the original assets. I put a couple retro gaming shirts on them as well. The screen grabs I took make it look like they are talking about a game they are making. If you can see the computer screens you can see they are actually working on Colors on the Brain. The guy with the laptop open is even looking at his Kanban task list. Really what I was trying to capture was a fun moment in time from the development of Colors on the Brain.


Two images from the scene.


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